What is the return policy?

The pikmart.us store regards the 30-day stock trade. All advantages should be made inside thirty (30) days everything thought about happening to bearing your thing. We can't see returns following 30 days.

How clearing does it take to manage a discount?

Our return alliance will occur inside 3 to 4 working days as shown by an overall perspective absolutely following pushing ahead through your bring demand back.

What is the relationship for late/non-improvement of things proposed on the web?

If you don't see your arrangements as shown by giving perspective days than you can visit with us by a mail at support@pikmart.us.

When will my Mastercard be charged?

You can check every one of the charges on you truck page and expecting you have any supporting than talk with us any time.

Contact Us

Call Us: +1 (323) 800-6807

Email Us: support@pikmart.us